Encouraging children to eat more vegetables - Our Top Tips

You've heard the saying .. '5-a-day keeps the doctor away'... This rule applies to children as well as adults! Children should aim for five servings of nutritious fruits or vegetables a day as they are full of vitamins and minerals and are important for good health and development.

Here are our top tips for encouraging children to eat more vegetables:

Children often need to try a vegetable several times before deciding that they like it so it's a good idea to serve it in different ways, or let them eat the veggies raw!

Make it fun! How food is presented can determine whether the child will want to eat it or not. Form shapes or images with vegetables  to get them interested!

Children often prefer uncooked vegetables to cooked ones. Veggie sticks make great snacks when dipped in hummus or yogurt!

Why not mash it up! Make a colourful mash by adding a little mashed carrot or sweet potato to boiled potatoes! Colourful, creamy deliciousness!

If your still finding it a challenge to get your little one eating vegetables you can try sneaking them in to their meals to start with to get an idea of what they like! Try adding peas to macaroni and cheese or shred carrots and add them to spaghetti sauce!

Another great way to encourage children to eat more vegetables is by growing a garden with them! This is also a fantastic way to teach little ones where food comes from and most kids will eat vegetables that they grow themselves! View our ideas for encouraging children to grow their own veggies! 





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