The Veggie Bunch Books!

Last week was Children's Book Week, an annual celebration of reading for pleasure for children that has been running for over 80 years.

So we thought it would be a great time to tell you about the Busy Peas Baby and Toddler Books.

The Busy Peas Books introduce children to fruit and vegetables at an early age and encourage them to read and learn how to grow their personal favourites! Using bright, fun illustrations our books bring the vegetables alive as characters. The cheeky personalities of the Veggie Bunch characters Peat Pea, Carry Carrot, Gene Aubergine, Tom Tomato and Stewart Strawberry come to life through the series of books illustrated by Busy Peas founder Jayne Liston.

There are currently 3 books in the series The Little Green Tomatoes, The Veggie Bunch Go Camping and The Little Peas! There is also a special Christmas book - The Veggie Bunch Christmas where the bunch get to meet Father Christmas himself!

While the little ones enjoy the stories they are also learning about their favourite vegetables and how to grow and look after them. What could be better!

To celebrate Children's Book Week 2013, Booktrust have announced a list of the 100 books to read before the age of 14 - have a look and see if your little pea's favourite is on the list!

We would love to hear how you encourage you little peas to read and which are their favourite books...


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