Busy Peas - Bringing Fashion and Education Together

Getting children to eat their veggies is one of the trials of parenting, at Busy Peas we believe a great way to introduce little ones to healthy eating fruit and vegetables can be through what they wear and the toys they play with!

The essence of the Busy Peas brand revolves around an adorable range of clothing for babies and toddlers featuring super sweet fruit and veggie prints and slogans such as 'I Love My Veggies' and '100% Home Grown'! Busy Peas introduces children to fruit and vegetables at an early age encouraging them to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet and grow their personal favourites!

Alongside the fruit and vegetable prints are the Veggie Bunch characters Peat Pea, Carry Carrot, Gene Aubergine, Tom Tomato and Stewart Strawberry - their cheeky personalities are brought to life through a series of books illustrated by Busy Peas founder Jayne Liston.

We'd love to hear how you encourage your little peas to eat their veggies!


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