How to start growing a garden with children

Growing your own garden isn't as scary as it might sound, it just needs a little time and care, and it's best to on a small scale.

Gardening is a healthy, outdoor activity that adults can enjoy as much as children! There are so many great reasons for growing fruit and veg with your children such as helping them to eat healthier foods (and saving money on shopping!), they are also able to learn where food comes from and that everything is sustainable.

Gardening is a great way for children to develop physical skills like hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills too.

The first step in planning a garden is choosing what you love to eat, this makes the whole activity much more exciting. Talk to your little peas about their favourite meals and what you could grow and eat, this way you are planning and enjoying the whole process together.

Giving your budding gardeners their own little gardening sets with little watering cans will encourage them even more! Of course you must be prepared for mess - but that's half the fun after all!

The look on their little faces knowing they are eating foods from their very own little gardens will be priceless! And don't forget the all important suncream and sun hats while out gardening with your busy peas!

Some easy to grow fruit and veg:
Salad Leaves

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